General Contracting

When a Client has the resources for direct control of the design and bidding process, and knows exactly what they want and need, the General Contracting approach may be the best delivery method. When this option is selected, R. C. Stevens has historically provided a competitive advantage. We take pride in our ability to manage a project and avoid letting the project manage us. Key components of our Right Track™ process remain crucial to the project’s success, including Cost Control during Construction, Pay Request Management and Safety & Reporting Systems. Regardless of which project delivery system the Client selects our Right Track™ process for Close-Out and Warranty Management remains the same. Initially incorporated into the project schedule, Close-Out is closely monitored nearing Substantial Completion. Any Warranty Management issues are handled directly by designated R. C. Stevens’ employees, the Client only needing to make one call to R. C. Stevens. Finally, a one-year Warranty Walk-Through is scheduled during Close-Out to assure that the entire design and construction team performs a project inspection Walk-Through approximately 11 months after completion.