Coca Cola Refreshments Filler Room

R.C. Stevens provided 9,600 square feet of phased floor replacement and renovation of a fill room and QA lab area at the CCR Hollywood Bottling Facility. Floor replacement work included removal and replacement of the floor slab, remediation of compromised and contaminated subsurface soil conditions, replacement of piping and drains in the fill room and packaging areas.

Fill room renovation work included the removal and replacement of the fill room walls & ceiling system, replacement of utility piping and lighting. Renovation of the QA Lab area included mold remediation, repair above ceiling utilities, replacement of the walls, ceilings and millwork, lighting and MEP improvements. All work was scheduled and sequenced to provide minimal disruption to production activities and plant operations.

For the design, the MEP contractors provided their own design and engineering for their scope of work. Collaboration was facilitated between the different design disciplines for a smooth project delivery. To meet the project schedule, two superintendents and two field engineers were rotated weekly during the project. Once an area was completed, it was turned over to equipment vendors, process vendors and plant personnel to start up process equipment and return the lines to pre-project production capacity.